Sunday, 24 June 2007

General: Order of Posting

Hi all,

We need to decide on the order on who is posting for the weeks during our SIP. So far as I know, we have 1 in research (post every 2 mths), and 5 in clinical labs (post every 6 weeks).

I was thinking of having the order like this (due to the timing):
1. Clinical lab - Cheng Hong
2. Clinical lab - Yeng Ting
3. Clinical lab - Eunice
4. Clinical lab - Pei Shan
5.Clinical lab - Elaine
6. Research - Debra

Please do add comments if you have better suggestions. If this is ok, we need to sort out who takes what slot for clinical labs. Also for these future posting, do remember to sign off your own name so the lecturer can see it!

All the best for tommorrow's SIP!


Friday, 1 June 2007


Hi all,

Our LMQA presentation is on CAP accreditation. This stands for College of American Pathologist accreditation program.
I have found the website to the college of american pathologist website, which I feel would have all that we may need for the presentation.

There are 4 standards in the CAP accreditation.

Here are the references that are recomended by the site.

1. College of American Pathologists. Criteria for the Clinical Laboratory Director. Appendix O in: Policies and Guidelines Manual. Northfield, IL: February 1993.

2. US Department of Health and Human Services. Clinical Laboratories Improvement Amendments of 1988. Code of the Federal Register, Title 42, Part 493. Washington, DC: 1988.

3. Webster's Third New International Dictionary. Springfield, MA: G & C Merriam Co; 1976.

4. Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations Glossary. In: Accreditation Manual for Pathology and Clinical Laboratory Services. Chicago, IL; 1996.

5. American Board of Pathology.

6. College of American Pathologists. Appendix EE in: Policies and Guidelines Manual. Northfield, IL: August 1992.

7. College of American Pathologists. Glossary. Appendix J in: Policies and Guidelines Manual. Northfield, IL: February 1993.

8. Bartlett R, et al. Quality Control in Clinical Microbiology. Chicago, IL: American Society of Clinical Pathologists (CCE); 1968.

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